Lenny`s Artisanal Ales is a new Brewing project from Lenny (Christian Lennartz) based in Berlin, Germany. The mission is to offer most tasty, creative and special beers as possible, while promoting the creative way of the world wide Beerscene. Lenny`s Artisanal Ales wants to show that it is possible to create totally new Beerstyles, which were never brewed in that way before, as well as interpretating traditional Beerstyles in a new way. For us it is also very important to celebrate the world wide Scene in a social and fun way, which means we try to do as many Collaborations, Parties, Festivals with our friends from the Beer-, Coffee-, Slow Food- and other Artisanal Scenes as possible. Lenny`s Artisanal Ales stands strictly against racism and other bad minded or bad acting people or companies. So join Lenny and friends, take care on what you drink and eat, and just enjoy the cellebrative way of a colorful World with Artisanal Craftbeer & Co! Cheers!