Brewery without brewery, gypsy brewery, contract brewing ... a few names that describe the same thing. Namely, the fact that this brewery do not have their own brewery yet. But because brewey think that their beer recipes can appeal to many Czech brewers, even those stubborn fans of Czech lager, they approached their friends and acquaintances who already have their own brewery, if they would not help us achieve their goal, brew their own beer. So it happened that the Nomad project was created, a flying brewery, where this brewey literally fly around the world, taste interesting beers and create their own interpretations of beer styles that appealed to us. And then, as nomads, this brewery travel all over the Czech Republic and have their original beer specials brewed. This is how their beers were created in the Antoš breweries in Slaný, Litovel, Bašta in Vrchlabí and others are now maturing in various places, about which they will inform you in time. There are also plans for cooperation with foreign brewers and breweries, and if God gives beer, their beers will be brewed abroad. It is clear to us that retailers use a similar way of "sourcing" their beer, but when they buy no name beer in breweries and then just give them their label. Unlike them, however, Pivovar Nomád have beers brewed according to their original recipes, and it is difficult to change tastes. Perhaps you will enjoy their beers and maybe Pivovar Nomád will meet one day in their own brewery. After all, even a nomad can have its base. God bless.