Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 6: Hösl - Märzenbier

A historic beer style

The small brewery, run by the Hösl family in the 3rd generation, is located in the Bavarian Upper Palatinate. Not only the brewery is a journey worth taking, but also the landscape. Here an ancient monastery building, there a majestic church, world-famous glass and porcelain factories, the UNESCO World Heritage city of Regensburg is not far away. And then there are the many breweries! Some are large, most are very small, like the Hösl Brewery, whose beers are only sold in the immediate vicinity of the brewery. Master brewer Tobias Schraml presents his Märzenbier.

About "Märzenbier" 

The name of the beer style is dedicated to a month: March. ("März" in German). To understand this, let's take a short journey into the history of beer. Brewing bottom-fermented beers requires temperatures below 10 °C. In the old days, before the refrigeration machine was invented, it was not possible to brew in summer, because it was too warm in the fermentation and maturation cellars. The brewing year ended with the arrival of spring. Beer was therefore brewed for the last time in March. It was brewed strong - the stronger it was, the longer it would keep. Large quantities were brewed, as the beer stocks had to be available throughout the summer. Only in autumn, when it got cold again in Bavaria, could beer be produced again. 

Today, we can brew bottom-fermented beers all year round anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, the beer style has survived in Bavaria and even the small Hösl brewery brews it more strongly than the classic lager. And darker, which is also typical of the beer style. 

Cheers to you!

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Hösl - Märzenbier Can
Märzen Bavarian Style
5,3% vol.
Privatbrauerei Hösl

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