Day 10 ::: Smoky Märzen by Hösl

On 1 February 1906 Michael Hösl sen. owned the Gambrinus brewery in Mitterteich (Oberpfalz, Bavaria), which was originally founded in 1870. Due to name disputes with the Gambrinus Brewery in Weiden, the brewery was renamed in 1930 in Hösl-Bräu. In 1947 son Hans Hösl took over the business. On January 1, 1985, his sons Michael and Maximilian Hösl take over the brewery, now Höslbräu OHG (general partnership). Following the bankruptcy of the OHG in 1993, Michael Hösl now continues to run the third-generation business as Private Brewery Hösl.
During the more than one hundred year history of the private brewery Hösl, several conversions, extensions and new buildings were realized. For example, in 1967, a 100 meter deep well was drilled for brewing water supply.

Today's smoke beer has a long tradition in the "Old World":
In fact, many beers in history used to be smoked beers. The reason is the malting: The malt must be dried for beer production. In addition to the sun-drying, which was not possible climatically in all regions, an open wood fire was used to support the dryer. Heat and smoke flowed through the green malt on the kiln, depriving it of moisture and preserving it at the same time. During industrialization, new techniques have been developed that allow the use of special fossil fuel heaters, such as: As coal and oil allowed. As these methods were cheaper and easier to handle, they gradually replaced the old smoke dryer.

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