Status BeerTasting App

Status BeerTasting App

We probably don't need to emphasise that the last two months have been very difficult for you BeerTasting APP users. We would like to briefly inform you about the current development:
Version 6.1.0
> Beer rating: In this APP version, which is now live on all mobile phones, it was important to us that the rating of the beers works properly again. This should have succeeded in.
> Reviews: Here too we have made the "old" version live again. Reviews incl. headlines now work again. Unfortunately, this does not apply to the web interface, which is still not accessible.
> Beer search: Here we have integrated "elastic search". The search for beers is now much faster. Attention: Initially only 10 beers are loaded in the search - just scroll up here and then down again, then you will get the remaining search results.
> Brewery search: At the moment, only the beers with the most ratings are displayed here - but we will solve this problem soon. We like the fact that you can immediately see which beers from this brewery you have already rated and how your rating compares to the rest of the community. If the field is red, you have rated the beer worse than the rest of the BeerTasters - if it is green: vice versa.
> News: The comment function works here again. You can now also comment directly on comments.

Next Steps:
Of course, the development of the app is not yet finished. Our programmers are in the process of fixing current bugs and adding a few new functions. The web version should also be up and running soon. We have prioritised our tasks as follows:

1. display of beer ratings
2. beer requests
3. statistics
4. friends & groups
5. web version

You can be sure that we will do everything we can to bring the APP to the level we all long for again!

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