Survey: BeerTasting DAILY

Survey: BeerTasting DAILY

We want to hear your opinion!

In December 2023, we made 24 videos about the calendar beers in the Kalea Beer Advent calendars for the first time. These were then published on YouTube as part of the BeerTasting DAILY project.

You can find these videos HERE

We wondered what the opinion of the esteemed BeerTasting community was. Did you like the videos? What can we do better? Should we produce the videos again in winter 2024, or should we focus on other ideas?

Take part in the survey now!

We have created a short survey that we would now like to share with you.

Click HERE for the survey!

It won't even take a minute and will really help us enormously with our further planning! We are already looking forward to your feedback.

Apart from the survey, we also wanted to ask you what you would change in the BeerTasting DAILY videos in 2024 if we were to produce them again. Please write us your ideas, criticism and comments in the comments section!

Thank you and cheers!

Your BeerTasting team

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