New challenge for breweries started

New challenge for breweries started

This year's Kalea Beer Event Challenge is not about crates of beer, but about the creative use of a ball.

Two members of a brewery team have to perform three different exercises with a ball within 40 seconds while drinking a beer. The brewery teams can give free rein to their creativity.

An exciting challenge! We wish all breweries good luck 😉

Update November 2023: The challenge has started & here are already the videos of the first breweries that have been nominated and accepted the challenge.

List of the breweries already participating:

- Kalea
- Privatbrauerei Falter
- Ettl Bräu Teisnacher
- Hohenthanner Schlossbrauerei
- Brauerei Aldersbach
- Camba Bavaria
- Stiegl
- Thalheimer Heilwasser
- Privatbrauerei M.C. Wieninger
- Schlossbrauerei Rheder
- Kurpfalzbräu
- Barre
- Radbrauerei Gebr. Bucher
Privatbrauerei Hirt

To the playlist on YouTube

Please let us know how you like this challenge and which breweries have surprised you with their performance.

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