500 years of German Purity Law

500 years of German Purity Law

We have found this funny video about the Reinheitsgebot:

One of the heritage-richest breweries in Bavaria, Herrnbräu, is situated in Ingolstadt - the city in which the Bavarian duke Wilhelm IV signed the German Purity Law in 1516. The brewery dates back to the 17th century when a couple of breweries united and founded the Aktienbrauerei Ingolstadt. In 1882 Herrnbräu resulted out of a fusion. For over 130 years now, Herrnbräu stands for beers of highest quality. The recipes have been passed on for generations now.
The Bavarian Purity Law celebrated its 500th anniversary in 2016 and on this occasion the brewery Herrnbräu launched the "Herrnbräu Jubiläums-Sud". Brewed according to an old-school recipe, all raw materials used come from the region around Ingolstadt. This powerfully aromatic beer with fine yeast has an extra high percentage of roasted and caramel malt. Through aromatic Hallertau hops and fresh, bottom-fermented yeast, the Herrnbräu Jubiläums-Sud matures to a dark beer with a mild, pleasantly sweet and malty spicy taste. Naturally cloudy dark cellar beer – unfiltered and natural in very high quality.

We have inveted the brewmaster. Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9VwHNyYQVw

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