a new partnership

a new partnership

As a 21-year-old snowboarder looking for a job, Tony Lawrence wandered into the Deschutes Pub in Bend in the late 80s. In the next twelve years he soaked up everything he could learn about the art of making great beer, before setting off on his own adventure. He started with Boneyard Beer in 2010.

“To combine forces with Deschutes in Bend and explore what Boneyard is capable of is simply a dream come true”, Tony said.

This is a truly unique, one of a kind, Bend-based, local-to-local, craft-to-craft partnership. Tony and Deschutes Founder, Gary Fish, will reunite after 30 years to bring together two of Oregon’s most iconic and award-winning breweries.

Deschutes and Boneyard, two independently owned and independently-minded breweries from the same small town, two storied innovators of craft beer, coming together to make each other--and the whole beer scene--stronger, better and tastier.

Photo: (c) Boneyard at Facebook

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