APP Update

APP Update

In addition to an improved scan and search function, optimizations in terms of design and other features, the new version of our beloved app should above all have brought stability improvements.

Unfortunately the opposite was true.

The reason? We too can only speculate. As part of this update, a development team from Eastern Europe was assigned to assist our domestic team.

It has been shown - many cooks spoil the broth.

It is just as important to us as to you to be able to use the app again as quickly as possible.

We therefore assure you, dear BeerTaster, that we are working day and night on further updates that should fix the biggest bugs. We have meanwhile ended the cooperation with this external programmers and are now trying hard to end this project with 3 programmers. We want to install an update this weekend to fix the biggest problems. In the next week another one should follow, where numerous new functions should work and the design should also be as we actually planned.

With the request for your patience and forbearance, we remain now and wish you a sensual weekend with great beers!

Your BeerTasting Team

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