APP Update

Dear BeerTasting Community!
We have just submitted a new APP version in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. One or the other will have already received this version on their phone. If not, please update the APP via your stores.

What are the basic changes:
The home page with the personal statistics has been expanded with an overview of the beers rated annually and with an overview of the different beer styles. You can see immediately whether you have reached your annual goal. For many BeerTasters the goal is - to rate 100 beers in one calendar year, because then a reward package will be sent to you again.
Furthermore we have taken out the own Collections and the group function, because this function did not work 100% correctly.
In the news we optimized the pictures and the comment function.

We hope that these changes will appeal to you.
For this year we have no further update planned, because we want to concentrate fully on the tasting of the various Advent calendars.
Next year, however, we would like to make a larger update again. For this we want to integrate you, of course, so that we can take into account the wishes of the community.
In advance, thank you for your trust and for making the community something special with your ratings and reviews!

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