App version 7.6.0 has been released!

App version 7.6.0 has been released!

After updates of our app, it is recommended for Android devices to close the app and then delete the app data. This way you can prevent possible errors. This is how to do it:

Open the settings and select apps. Tap on the BeerTasting app. Select Memory. Tap on Clear data. Done!


A new version of the BeerTasting app has just been released! It should be available for download from the Appstore within the next few hours, if not already.


As you might have expected, many bugs have been fixed in this update. These include, for example, problems with the sorting of own ratings, incorrect calculations of the global ranking and some minor issues. Some UI/UX optimizations have also been made.

A few new things have been added:

You can now share the app via the burger menu and thus recruit new BeerTasters.
Ratings & reviews can now be deleted by yourself again
Breweries can now be rated
The function "Cheers" has now got a small explanation window
The function "Request beer" now shows an explanation how to take ideal photos for the app


Of course, we are not keeping our feet still: currently, we are working on a variety of innovations and features. These include:

  • Development of the online version of the BeerTasting app.
  • Many new badges, which we expect to be able to release as early as next week
  • Completion of the "Rate beers directly on request" feature
  • Completion of the automated Collections
  • Completion of some features around geotracking

Do you have any questions or suggestions about the update? Write them in the comments! We would also appreciate a good rating in the App Store. Click here to get there!

Now we would like to wish you a lot of fun with the app and remain

with beer-sensual greetings
Your BeerTasting Team

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