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The Hop Flavorist Course focuses on hop sensory analysis; the course is aimed at people who deal with beer professionally - beer sommeliers, brewers, but also other interested employees of breweries, e.g. from sensory analysis or quality control. Using olfactory, beer and hop samples, they will be trained by the proven experts of the Hops Academy in the evaluation and differentiation of hop varieties and learn the technical language surrounding the tasting of this raw material for enjoyment.

In the theoretical part, participants gain extensive insights into hop analysis, hopping in the brewing process, hop breeding, and the effects of climate and terroir on hop aroma, among other things. The fifth and final part concludes with a theoretical and practical examination. "The level of the courses is very high. Anyone who takes part and ideally also passes the final exam to become a Hop Flavorist Master can justifiably call themselves a proven expert in hop sensory analysis," emphasizes Dr. Schönberger.

Anyone wishing to take the exam must attend all five levels, each of which lasts two days. The basic prerequisite for all of them is the introductory course Hop Flavorist 1; levels 2 to 4 can also be booked individually, depending on preference. Depending on the group of participants, the courses are offered in German or English. The accompanying documentation is available in both languages.

The next basic course Hop Flavorist Level 1 and thus the next starting opportunity for newcomers will take place on October 25/26, 2022.

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