BeerTasting APP

BeerTasting APP

The Beer Tasting App is a great new platform for beer rating and a must have for all beer lovers, beer fetishists, beer fans and beer connoisseurs. Beer newbies are of course also welcome here – we happily welcome every new member of our community. With the comprehensive Beer Tasting App, you’ll dive right into the world of beer and learn everything you ever wanted to know about this liquid gold. There are thousands of different types of beer in the world, and each one is different.

That’s just one of the many reasons why beer never gets boring. You’ll always find a new one to try and especially on a warm summer’s evening, there is nothing better than a cold one after work. With the Beer Tasting App, you’ll be able to rate the beer you’re drinking, find out about varieties you’re not familiar with yet, share your opinion with the community, see with beers have the best ratings and more. In short, the Beer Tasting App makes beer tasting and getting to know new varieties even more fun than ever before.

It’s easy and straightforward to get information about individual beers and you’ll be able to remember every beer you’ve tried. Further, the Beer Tasting App gives you the chance to rate your favorite brews and share your opinion with the community. Another benefit is, that you won’t accidentally try a type of beer you didn’t like twice. Instead, you can fully devote yourself to your favorite varieties – which you won’t be able to forget, all thanks to the Beer Tasting App!

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