BeerTasting LIVE

Since December 1st, the beer from the kALEA Brewer's advent calendar has been tasted daily from our TV studio in Salzburg.
At 6:00 p.m. central european time

We are currently putting a lot of energy into making the tasting of the beers from the Advent calendar as exciting and informative as possible. That's why the brewers travel to Salzburg here and the moderation is led by a beer blogger from the German-speaking beer scene every day. We would therefore be happy if you used this opportunity to actively participate in the shows with questions etc.

Active participation is also rewarded with our exclusive beertasting glasses.

We are of course also happy to receive feedback on the LIVE tastings. What do you like, what should we improve, what questions should we ask?

You can follow the shows all LIVE on our Youtube channel:

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