Bill Gates and Heineken

Bill Gates and Heineken

We often read in this space about (mostly up-and-coming) craft beer breweries being bought by the big Dutch beer company Heineken. Today's news is different. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has joined Heineken.

According to various media reports, Gates bought 10.8 million shares in the Heineken holding company worth worth 883 million euros. The Dutch Financial Market Authority (AFM) says that Gates now has a 3.76 percent share in the holding company. Gates bought the shares from the Mexican group Femsa, which wants to sell its shares in Heineken.

As Inside(dot)beer reports, Gates bought 6.65 million of the 10.83 million shares as a private individual and another 4.18 million through the non-profit Bill & Melinda Gates Investment Trust.

Gates will not have done this for the joy of beer, because by his own admission he is not a beer drinker.

Source: Inside(dot)beer
Photo: Heineken and Bill Gates on Instagram (Screenshot)

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