Brewer's Advent Calendar Edition 2019

From the 1 of dec till the 24th we will present you here all the beers out of the brewer's advent calendar.

You can read the information of the daily beers in this APP and see the interviews we have made with the brew masters. We are looking forward to your feedback and to 24 great days.

We hope most of you have placed already the calendar in the living room and hope you have not opened any of the beers till now. The rule is - do not start before the 1. of december.

To tell you something about the history of this calendar:
This year it is already the edition number 4. 2015 we have brought the first edition into the US already - but only in a few regions. In these 4 years the brewer's advent calendar got really popular and most of the stores have been sold out within two weeks or earlier.

In total Kalea has develod it's first calenar already in 2010 in Germany. Now there are available different editions, with beers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Bavaria or freaky versions with only craft beers.

In october we have invited all the brewmasters out of this calendar to come to our beer tasting event. At the event we have interviewed all breweries about their beer. These videos you will see in the coming weeks and thanks of the videos you will know some insights of each beer.
One interview we made as well with Rick - who is the importeur of the Brewer's Advent Calendar in the US. Check out this video and enjoy the coming 24 days.

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