Brewer's Advent Day 13: Dietrachinger Schwarze Tinte

Martin Seidl brewed his first stout in 1997 in his small brewery in Dietrachting. For the Kalea Beer Advent Calendar 2017, a larger amount of his Schwarze Tinte (eng: Black Ink) was brewed and met a large appeal outside the region of its origin.

The barley is grown and harvested on his own farm. Since 2019, the "black ink" is brewed in cooperation with the brewery Hopfenkopf in the brewery Bruckberg and is therefore a unique cross-border project in the Inn-Salzach region. The roasted malt's aroma spans from fine cocoa notes to roasted coffee. The "Black Ink" is the perfect beer to go along with sweets and desserts. Martin Seidl has truly created an award-winning and excellent delicacy! How do you like yours?

Watch proBIERTV's interview with the brewery here:

Please be aware that the Texas-version of the Brewer's Advent Calendar features a different beer today! (Kartaeuser Doppelbock)

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