Brewer's Advent Day #15: KALEA Specials/Perlenzauber IPA

"Perlenzauber" - the magic of pearls - is Kalea's homage to the art of brewing from small and independent breweries. Each year, the beer is brewed by a different brewery. The brewmasters can decide for themselves which beer style they want to brew. With one small restriction - they must use special hop varieties ("pearls"). And we at Kalea are calling out to the brewers to "show us your enormous brewing skills."

In the traditional Memminger brewery, they have chosen an India Pale Ale. It has become a mild one. Perfect for those people who are just now, and slowly, getting into the hoppy beer style.

The idea behind Perlenzauber is as well, to give brewmasters a chance to create something special. In the case of Memmingen, an IPA is really special. The brewery is normally based on traditional styles and not on beers with a lot of hops. With the Perlenzauber 2021 they have created a new interpretation of IPA in their style.

Have fun with Perlenzauber IPA and tell us, how you like it.

At 6pm, we will do the LIVE TASTING.

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