Brewer's Advent Day #17: Propeller Turbo Prop

The small Bosch family-owned brewery is located in the middle of Germany. Hans-Chrisitan Bosch is the 11th generation to run the company. His ancestors founded the brewery in 1705.

In 2014, Hans-Christian developed the Propeller brand to complete the classic range of german beer styles. Propeller is the craft beer line of the brewery. The beers are called "Aufwind" (upwind), "Nachtflug" (night flight), "Looping" and "Turbo Prop." Everything revolves around aviation.

Turbo Prop is an Imperial Pilsner, which is the very strong version of the beer style German Pilsner. More alcohol, more hops, more of everything. Pilsner with Turbo!

Honey notes and the full-bodied, soft mouthfeel come from the pale malts. The German hop varieties Herkules (for bitterness) and Saphir (for aromas) are typical for a Pilsner, in Turbo Prop they were supplemented with Citra - dry hopped.

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