Brewer's Advent Day #18: Erl Hell

Real beer geeks know Erl-Bräu. In Germany at least, the brewery is an insider tip. The Lower Bavarians are at home in the small village of Geiselhöring. They have already won four European Beer Star Awards. Bronze for "Erl Hell," gold for "Imperator," a pale doppelbock, and two medals for the festival beer "Anno 1871" (gold and bronze). Their beers were also successful in other beer competitions, for example at the Superior Taste Award in Brussels (2014) and at the International Craft Beer Award (2015).

So let's celebrate with the Erl family today. Congratulations on 150 years of the best German brewing art.

Erl Bräu Hell is an authentic enjoyment with a palatable taste - harmonious and rounded in the aftertaste.

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