Brewer's Advent Day 21: KALEA Specials/Rieder Perlenzauber IPA

Brewer's Advent Day 21: KALEA Specials/Rieder Perlenzauber IPA

The Ried brewery stands for tradition, innovation and regionality. Its origins date back to 1536, far into the time when the Innviertel region was still part of Bavaria. The Bavarian roots can still be felt today, for example in the brewery's wheat beer competence: the first wheat beer was brewed here in Ried as early as 1932.

The Rieder Perlenzauber IPA is a masterful, naturally cloudy but beautifully rich amber beer and offers a worthy appearance with its fine, white and creamy foam. The nose is immediately greeted with very fruity aromas of peach, orange, citrus and passion fruit. Not quite as bitter as one would actually expect from an IPA, things get going on the palate. Still very fruity with rather sweeter malt notes and a tangy carbonation. The bitterness of the hops is able to slowly build up a bit more in the middle part of this otherwise very drinkable and lively beer. A nice body is just as convincing as a very harmonious mouthfeel. In the aftertaste, pineapple notes emerge, which keeps the now stronger bitterness finely fruity in check.

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