Brewer's Advent Day 23: Landgang Pils

In the middle of Altona, the guys and gals from Landgang have rebuilt their craft beer brewery. They have installed a modern brewing plant in an industrial hall with flair. The plant is designed for brewing beer specialties and craft beer. All parts of the plant come from European production, many from German medium-sized companies.

The spray hits your face, the roaring wind ruffles your hair, and the work on board is hard and exhausting. Sailors used to use shore leave to escape the sea, at least for a short time. Hamburg's beer tradition is closely linked to the Hanseatic League. Beer was exported from Hamburg as early as 500 years ago. In honor of the seafarers, who are closely connected with the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, Landgang creates its Pilsner. An honest and balanced Pilsner. Fine roasted malt aromas and a gentle bitterness. This Pilsner is brewed as a reminder of this important part of Hamburg's history.

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Please be aware that the Texas-version of the Brewer's Advent Calendar features a different beer today! (Egerer Nordsee Pils)

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