Brewer's Advent Day 5: Graminger Kirta

After its founding in 1900, the Graminger Weissbräu changed hands more than ten times until 1920, when master brewer Josef Krähschütz bought the property. Today his great-granddaughters, the master brewers Birgit Strasser and Sabine Detter and the hotel manageress Iris Detter with her parents Karlmann and Inge Detter run the business.

The Graminger Kirta is a dark wheat beer and was originally created as a festive beer for the Altoettinger Kirta, a Bavarian festival. The addition of dark malt and roasted malt creates a rich mahogany color and a fruity, malty, aromatic taste. Experienced noses will even notice a light chocolate note!

Interview with one of Graminger's master brewers:

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