Brewer's Advent Day #7: Kurpfalzbräu Helles

The recipe used for Kurpfalz Helles is over a hundred years old. For a long time, no one knew about it. Max Spielmann, the today's Ceo of Welde, discovered it among old documents of his grandfather Hans Hirsch. Hans had learned the brewing at the beginning of the 20th century at the Doemens Academy in Munich. During this time he came up with the recipe and wrote it down. Many years later he was brewmaster in Plankstadt.

Hirsch obviously passed on his interest in beer recipes to his great-grandson Max, who incidentally also completed his training as a brewmaster and beer sommelier at Doemens in Munich almost 100 years after his great-grandfather.

Let's look forward to a traditional and extremely drinkable German-style Helles. Cheers!

Let us know, how you like the beer and how you liked the show - today of this beer.
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