Brewer's Advent Day #9: Teisnacher Festmärzen 1543

When Ettl Brewery celebrated its 475th birthday in 2018, the brewmaster Martin created a "Festbier". He took his best malts and the finest hops he could find. He wanted his beer to be strong and elegant, like a really German-Style Märzen. The beer style is also known as Octoberfest beer. Martin gave his "Festbier" a lot of time, letting it mature for weeks in the cold cellars of the brewery. Only then it's possible to get this wonderful harmony and balance. Well done! We are glad that the beer is a part of the regular assortment - and part of this Beer Advent Calendar.

We would like to toast to the next 475 years. Cheers!

Join our Live Tasting Show at 6 pm again.

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