Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 1: Falter Export Hell

Bavarian brewing tradition

The roots of the private brewery Falter can be traced back to 1649. The family-run brewery in the small town of Regen near the Czech border has been brewing beer for over 350 years. Elisabeth and Josef Falter cultivate the Bavarian brewing tradition and the beautiful tradition of brewery horse-drawn carriages. There are over ten French cold-blooded horses of the “Percheron” breed in the Falter stables. When the big beer festival takes place in summer, the black horses are harnessed to the decorated floats. Just like in the old days, they are loaded high with wooden beer barrels. The horses trot leisurely through the cheering crowds to the festival site.

Many awards in many beer competitions

The list of awards for Falter Export Hell is long. We will limit ourselves to awards from the two most important competitions in the world: the beer received a bronze award at the European Beer Star [] and a silver award at the World Beer Cup [], the competition organised by the Brewers Association in the USA. 

Enjoy the bright golden beer well cooled. Enjoy the floral aromas from the Bavarian hops and the great elegance and harmony of Falter Export Hell. 

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Falter - Export Hell Can
5,3% vol.
Privatbrauerei J.B. Falter Regen

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