Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 11: Flötzinger - Hell

Loyal to the Good

The Flötzinger Brewery in Bavarian Rosenheim is firmly in the hands of the family. For 60 years, Franz Steegmüller has been at the helm of the brewery. "Loyal to the good" is the slogan of the owner family, and it goes beyond marketing. It's a commitment to the quality of Flötzinger beers.

The brewery offers a wide variety of beers, with a range of over 20 different options. These include Bavarian Lager, unfiltered Lager, Pilsner, dark Lager, light beers, various wheat beers, and many specialties. They are all brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law, called “Reinheitsgebot“. The brewmaster combines traditional brewing techniques with the best modern technology. Careful handling of valuable raw materials, including German hops and local malt, is a hallmark of their production process. Time is also crucial, as the beer matures for at least six weeks in the cold cellars of the Flötzinger Brewery before being bottled.

Awarded Beers

Over the years, the Flötzinger Brewery has earned 21 awards at the European Beer Star competition. Flötzinger Hell has also been recognized with awards. 

All these prizes demonstrate that the slogan is taken seriously, and the owner family remains „Loyal to the good“.


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Flötzinger - Hell Can
Lager / Helles
5% vol.
Flötzinger Brauerei

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