Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 16: Klosterbräu Bamberg - Rauchbier

Bamberg, UNESCO World Heritage

Countless people flock to the narrow streets of Bamberg's "Little Venice" year after year. Since 1993, the medieval city with its historic core has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Bamberger Dom with its four towers, the Old Town Hall, and the New Residenz are world-famous landmarks.

Bamberg, Beer Capital of the World

Furthermore, Bamberg is known for its fascinating and diverse beer tradition. For many, the city is considered the beer capital of the world. This is because in Bamberg, a beer tradition that dates back to ancient times is still alive.

Bamberger Rauchbier

We can assume that in ancient times, all beers were dark and, above all, smoky. It wasn't until the mid-19th century that it became possible to reliably produce smoke-free malt. Smoke flavors finally disappeared from beer. Only in the Franconian part of Bavaria has smoked beer survived.

Klosterbräu Rauchbier

The Klosterbräu brewery, founded in 1533, is the oldest of the thirteen breweries in Bamberg. The Rauchbier (smoked beer) has won the prestigious European Beer Star Gold Awards twice in the category Franconian-Style Smoke Beer.

Deep black in color, it has a distinct smoky aroma followed by fruity, grassy hop notes. On the palate, you'll find the velvety taste of licorice, smoked ham, dark chocolate, and roasted caramel nuances lovingly intertwined.

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Klosterbräu Bamberg - Rauchbier Can
Dark Smoked Lager
5,3% vol.
Klosterbräu Bamberg

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