Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 22: Kraftbierwerkstatt - Black Forest Can

‘Kraftbierwerkstatt’ (Craft Beer Garage) is located in Böblingen, the town in the south of Germany that is also home to the largest factory of the car manufacturer Daimler Benz. 

The founder of Kraftbierwerkstatt, Oliver Koblenzer, was once infected with the craft beer virus while on vacation in Hawaii. Back home, he learned how to brew on his own and founded the brand 'Kraftbierwerkstatt'.

Oliver does not have his own brewery, he is gipsy brewer and as such rents space in the brewhouses of small and medium-sized breweries, using the brewing equipment available there, from the brewing kettle to bottling. 

Black Forest Porter

Not far from Böblingen is the Black Forest National Park. This is where the famous cuckoo clocks and Black Forest gateau come from. Kraftbierwerkstatt's porter is named after this beautiful region.


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Kraftbierwerkstatt - Black Forest Can
5,7% vol.

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