Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 8: Landgang - Helle Aufregung

Another Craftbrewery from Hamburg

Landgang Brewery is one of the initiators of the recent beer history in Hamburg. Until two decades ago, Hamburg was dominated by two breweries, both of which were part of the Danish Carlsberg group. Today, the beer scene in the city is more vibrant than ever, with the number of breweries having grown to over 15.

Lars, one of the two founders of Landgang Brewery, had a craft beer shop and dreamt of creating his own beer. Sascha, his friend, had just completed his training as a brewer. Together, they started their beer project in 2016. They began as gipsy brewers and quickly achieved great success. After only two years, they were able to acquire their own brewery.

By the way, Landgang is a name that refers to Hamburg's maritime history. For many centuries, the most important German port connected Hamburg to the world. When the ships docked in the port after their often months-long voyages, the sailors disembarked; they went ashore. "Landgang" is the German term for an excursion on land.

And "Helle Aufregung"? Literally translated, it means "bright excitement."

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Landgang - Helle Aufregung Can
Lager / Helles
5% vol.
Landgang Brauerei (ehem. Hopper Bräu)

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