Brewer's Advent 2023 Day 9: Bosch - Propeller Turbo Prop

Located in the heart of Germany, in one of the most forested regions, you'll find Bosch Brewery. Hans Christian Bosch leads the brewery in its eleventh generation. The range is traditional and includes classic German bottom-fermented beer styles (Lager, Pilsner, Brown Ale, Maibock, Doppelbock, Baltic Porter) and a wheat beer. In 2014, Hans Chirstian founded the craft beer brand Propeller Bier, featuring beer styles from the Anglo-American tradition.

Propeller Beers

The beers of the Propeller brand are related to aviation. The IPA is called "Aufwind" (updraft), the Imperial Stout is named "Nachtflug" (night flight), and the Imperial Pilsner goes by the name "Turbo Prop," in reference to an aircraft type powered by a propeller turbine.

Imperial Pilsner

Similar to an Imperial IPA or an Imperial Stout, an Imperial Pils is a strong version of a Pilsner. Alcohol content and hop bitterness are high! Do you know? In Germany, Pilsner is often ordered by simply saying: "Bitte ein Pils!"

In the world of craft beers, the term "Imperial" is used when a particular beer style is enhanced and intensified. The alcohol content is significantly higher, and the flavor is richer and more complex.

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Brauerei Bosch - Propeller - Turbo Prop Can
Imperial Pilsner
6,5% vol.
Brauerei Bosch - Propeller

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