Brewer's Advent Day 17: Schwarzbraeu Marie Hausbrendel

Brewer's Advent Day 17: Schwarzbraeu Marie Hausbrendel

Malt, hops, water and brewer's yeast - even today, Schwarzbräu still brews genuine premium beers according to traditional recipes, of course strictly in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516. That the beers are among the best in the world is proven by many European Beer Star Awards that have gone to Schwarzbräu over the last 13 years: 20 times gold, silver and bronze. Congratulations!

Also worth mentioning: As one of only six breweries left in Bavaria, Schwarzbräu produces its own malt from regional barley in its in-house malt house.

But who is Marie?
For this we have to tell a love story. The young and beautiful Marie was the heart and soul of the Hausbrendel brewery. She charmed people with her smile.

Young Konrad Schwarz from the brewery Schwarzbräu also heard about the beautiful brewer's daughter. He wanted to take a look at Marie Hausbrendel himself. He found her - and the two fell head over heels in love. A short time later, the wedding bells rang.

The story of Marie and Konrad is still told today at Schwarzbräu and a "Helles" is drunk in her honor. Leopold Schwarz, the grandson of the two, dedicated this beer to his grandmother: Schwarzbräu "Marie Hausbrendel" spoils with a pleasantly fresh and mature taste. What a nice story! What a delicious beer!

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