Brewer's Advent Day 6: Graminger Deife

Brewer's Advent Day 6: Graminger Deife

Graming is a district of Altötting, Bavaria. There is a brewery there, where women do the business. Three sisters run the brewery and the restaurant. Sabine Detter and Birgit Strasser are both brewmasters, and Iris Detter, the third sister, is a restaurant specialist. A good and very successful combination.

Many European Beer Star Awards have gone to the sisters. They can call one bronze and five gold awards their own. They prove it: fantastic beer from women's hands.

Märzen. The name of the beer style comes from the month of March. To understand this, let's take a short journey into beer history. For brewing bottom-fermented beers, temperatures below 10˚C are necessary. Therefore, before the invention of the refrigeration machine, it was not possible to brew in the summer. People brewed strong beer for the last time in March. The stronger, the more durable. Beer stocks had to be available throughout the summer. To this day, Märzen is therefore brewed stronger than a classic lager. It is usually amber in color, just like Graminger Deife.

“Deife”, by the way, is the Bavarian word for devil. Cheers!

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