Day 17 ::: Craft Beer Schwarze Tinte

Although the beer has been around for more than twenty years, it was only named in 2017, when Seidl became a brewer at the Tölzer Mühlenfeldbräu in Bad Tölz.

"The name came to mind spontaneously. When I cleaned the pipes after brewing, I thought it looked like black ink." It is sold throughout the German-speaking area. "No matter whether I go to Hamburg or Switzerland, it is sold everywhere."

The Schwarze Tinte has even made it to the USA :-) On the one hand with the Kalea Brewers Advent Calendar and on the other hand Martin Seidl himself traveled to Pennsylvania to brew his Schwarze Tinte as a Black Ink Stout at Ever Grain Brewing Co. By the way, sacks of grain from his own cultivation were exported to America, because without them there would be no Schwarze Tinte! Malted and roasted in a huge smoker - to the fullest satisfaction of Martin Seidl.

The 46-year-old only started to brew beer incidentally. "It was a crazy idea. I'm actually a very impatient person. But I stayed tuned to this."
He brewed the first beer in a saucepan at home. Undrinkable, too much foam, torn bottles. The first attempts went wrong. "But soon I got the hang of it," says the self-proclaimed "Bierobelix". He got help from friends of his brewery, but he basically acquired his knowledge himself, by reading a lot of specialist literature and browsing the Internet. He has been running the Dietrachinger microbrewery in Moosbach for almost 20 years, and has been cooperating with the Tölzer Mühlenfeldbräu for one year. The grain for his beers grows in St. Peter's at his parents' farm. After the harvest, he roasts it himself. A complex process as described by Seidl.

The Schwarze Tinte is a craft beer from A to Z, because even the barley is grown and harvested by Seidl on his own farm. Any chemicals (note Martin Seidl: not even manure comes on his field) are left out on his farm and the ingredients for this beer. Instead, so-called catch crops are sown and plowed in for natural fertilization."

The Schwarze Tinte has been brewed in cooperation with the Hopfenkopf brewery in the Bruckberg brewery since 2019, making it a unique cross-border project in the Inn-Salzach region. The roasted malt finds the balance between fine cocoa notes to freshly roasted coffee. The Singlehoped Stout is only brewed with Soriachi Ace which, with its coconut notes, blends into the crema of the roasted malt. This Stout is the perfect beer to accompany desserts. Martin Seidl created an award-winning and excellent beer!


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