Day 2 ::: Hohenthanner Blau Weisse

The Blau Weisse (blue wheat beer) is a special treat and only available seasonally. Normally it is only available in April. For the Brewer's Advent Calendar the brewery has made an exception.

Poured into a tasting glass, it presents itself with an amber color and with a wonderful, creamy foam. The subtle scent of fruity hops reveals that the Blau Weisse is an extraordinary beer specialty: The two hop varieties conjure citrus-like impressions with hints of honeydew melon into the glass.

The brewery is private owned since 150 years and controlled by the family Rauchenecker.
The Hohenthanner beer specialties are brewed to the latest technical standards, but always in combination with the craftsmanship of the beer brewers. The raw materials grow in front of the brewery chefs - the farmers and brewers know each other personally.

How do you enjoy this beer?

Alex from die BierProbierer has made a special beer review for you, without talking. Enjoy it!

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