Day 22 ::: Tradition meets innovation: Schlossbrauerei Rheder

In 1716 Burchardus Bruno Freiherr v. Mengersen, Minister of the Prince-Bishop in Paderborn, ordered the then still young Baroque architect with the construction of the Church of St. Catherine to Rheder and the horseshoe-shaped outer bailey, in which the individual departments of the brewery are located since the first day.
In 1750 the castle was build and in 1830, the brewery was expanded for the first time and converted into a steam brewery based on the Bavarian model.
Today, the lower-fermented beer, which is easier to store and transport, can be brewed. Highest quality malt from its own farm was used to create this perfect Pilsner. Add some selected high quality hops and fresh water from the brewery's own water well and you have this perfect Pilsner with a fresh, round and fine bitter taste.

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