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In 1841 the tavern, which existed since 1492, burned down.
With the reconstruction of the tavern, it was decided to build a brewery. Franz Schnaitl was the first master brewer and brewed his first beer in 1843. He had learned the brewing trade with Kasper Moser in Henndorf and the Augustinerbräu in Munich.
Already in 1852, the young brewery supplied 13 Innkeepers. Under his son and successor Matthias could be doubled between 1896 and 1910, the beer output of 6,500 to 13,000 hectoliters. In the 1930s, the brewery went through an economically difficult time, the beer output dropped to 5,000 hectoliters. Only in 1956 he rose again to 10,000 hectoliters. Under Ing. Matthias Schnaitl III., who took over the brewery in 1959, there were takeovers of various other small breweries.

On 4 May 1945, US soldiers under the command of Austro-American Ernst Florian Winter quartered in the brewery. 63 years later he visited the brewery again.

The brewery has already been awarded several times. The brewery is still owned by the Schnaitl family today. Brewmaster and owner is now Matthias Schnaitl IV.
Martin from ProbierTV has met Matthias Schnaitl and has interviewed him:

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