Day 6 ::: Erlkönig

The family brewery Ludwig Erl, in Geiselhöring, was founded in 1871 and is already run by the sixth generation. It uses only hops and malt from long-established Bavarian malting and hops farmers, along with soft nitrate-free brewing water from its own deep well.
The Landbrauerei Erl also supplies the Gäubodenfest, the second largest folk festival in Bavaria behind the Munich Oktoberfest. As a rare peculiarity, the festival beer on Gäubodenvolksfest in the Ochsenbraterei Wenisch (big tend where oxen are roasted on a spit) is brewed as the only one traditionally handcrafted in open fermentation ponds. Craft beer and family tradition since 1871.

The video shows you the young ownder of the brewery and he is as well the brewmaster.

Check out as well this video:

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