Day 7 ::: Perlenzauber

Perlenzauber is the Gipsy Brand of Kalea. Every year this beer is brewed by another brewery or another brewmaster. 2017 the beer got brewed at the Schlossbrauerei Hohenthann. 2018 the brewmasters of Herrnbräu have created it and this year we asked the Camba Bavaria Brewery to interprete this beer in a new way. So every year the "Perlenzauber Beer" will taste differently and because of the history of different brewmasters, the beer has created it's own story.

We are keen to hear about how you enjoy this beer! Looking forward to your answers.

9 years ago Kalea put together the first beer advent calendar in Germany and delivered it to only a few traders. At this time, no one could imagine, that the calendar will get so popular and that we will deliver it to different countries.
With our calendars, we would like to preserve and promote the traditional art of brewing, the unmistakable brewing culture and the vast variety of regional beer specialties.

The Brewer’s Advent calendar is filled with 24 different german beers from “small” and private breweries. We do not include beer from big and international breweries or companies. This makes the Kalea calendars so special and limited.
For the Brewer's Advent Calendar we have organised an own truck. Every day we pick up the beer from a different brewery, to fill it up in cans for this calendar. None of the breweries is normally offering their beer in cans. Each beer is unique and not available in the US, outside of this calendar.
Two years ago we have launched the BeerTasting APP to inform every calendar taster about these beers and to find out, which beer is the best and wich is not so good. Thanks to your ratings we are able to improve the calendar from year to year. The good beers stay in the calendar - the bad ones will be replaced by new ones. Since the beginning, we have introduced every year new beers in this way.

We hope you enjoy your "Kalea Adventcalendar" and the tasting and exploring of new beers!
biersinnliche regards
Your Kalea-Team

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