European Beer Star 2020

European Beer Star 2020

"Already well over a thousand registrations!" This news has surprised and inspired the - for 2020 circumstantially subdued - expectations of the organizers of the "European Beer Star" competition. The organizers, that is the German Association of Private Breweries. "We had hoped for a thousand entries in total in the 'Corona Year'", says Kilian Kittl, the new manager of the competition, "now the thousand threshold was already crossed at the beginning of July. The breweries still have until 4 September to register their beers. The European Beer Star is an institution in the beer scene. The large number of entries and the organization of the competition are an important sign of the industry moving towards normality.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland have so far provided two thirds of the beers; however, several registrations have already been received from the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, South Korea, Taiwan and Myanmar.

Open for the whole world. Any commercial brewery from any countries and all continents can enter beers in the European Beer Star Competition.

The Olympic principle. Prizes are exclusively awarded to the competitors placing first, second an third in each category. This is why the gold, silver and bronze trophies in the European Beer Star competition are so valuable.

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