Munich, Germany: The Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany: The Oktoberfest

Naturally, the amount of Oktoberfestbier that was sold in the two weeks the Oktoberfest was held in, was equally astounding: 7.3 million litres, which is about 2 million gallons. All that beer must have made visitors rather hungry, as over 124 oxen and 29 calves were consumed.

In comparison to last year's Oktoberfest, the amount of criminal offenses lessened in 2019. 914 of such incidents were recorded by Munich's policemen, which is around one percent less than in 2018.

The number of intoxications lessened, too - the Aicher Ambulanz Union reported around 600 cases of alcoholic intoxications, 120 less than in 2018.

But not all is fine and dandy about the Oktoberfest, as reports. A lot about it could change fundamentally if a local court follows the ideas of a Bavarian beer tent operator. Walter Hödl, who operated for 19 years a beer tent at the local beer festival in Bad Füssing, Bavaria, sued the Munich breweries because of "accessory to repeated, deliberate and continuing fraud".

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