Stone Brewing against Molson Coors

Stone Brewing against Molson Coors

In 2017, Molson Coors (formerly MillerCoors), changed the lettering on its Keystone Light cans as part of its "Own the Stone" campaign. "Stone" dominated while "Key" became smaller and receded into the background. Molson Coors sold more than $1.7 billion of Keystone beer branded as STONE.

Stone Brewing felt its trademark rights had been violated and went to court in 2018.

So now, after four years, the decision is in. The eight-person jury found in favor of Stone Brewing and awarded the Californians $57 million in damages. That's far less than Stone was hoping for. At the start of the trial, Stone Brewing spoke of a loss in sales of about 20 percent, or $174 million, since the Keystone rebranding.

"This is a historic day for Stone Brewing and for the craft beer industry," said Greg Koch, co-founder of Stone Brewing, the ninth largest craft brewery in the United States. "Molson Coors has threatened our heritage, but we have stood up to that threat. They will put the 'Key' back in 'Keystone,' ending their four-year hostile takeover of the Stone name."

Photo: © Stone Brewing Company

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