Sufferfest Beer production discontinued

Sufferfest Beer production discontinued

“As we enter 2021, we are pausing production to explore what’s next for Sufferfest Beer Company. As such, we do not plan to release any beers this year,” the company said in an official statement.

Sufferfest was founded in San Francisco in May 2016. The brewery created a full-spectrum of craft beers, all of them containing naturally occurring vitamins and micronutrients like potassium-rich barley, sodium, iron, and fiber.

In its recent statement, the company did not make clear, if the concept of an athletic beer as such was not attractive enough to appeal to a wider group of customers or if customers turned their back to Sufferfest for not being authentic any more after the acquisition. However, the statement leaves room for a sale of the brand as it seems unlikely that Sierra Nevada will resume its own production again.

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