Super Bowl with AB InBev

Anheuser Busch has held the exclusive beer advertising rights since 1989. In December 2021, the contract for AB Inbev Bud Light as the official beer of the NFL was extended by five years.

Last year, the company forwent a commercial at the Super Bowl and instead donated portions of its advertising budget to the Ad Council, a nonprofit marketing group that is leading a $50 million ad campaign to combat skepticism about the coronavirus vaccine.

This year's Budweiser ad references a 2014 commercial titled "Puppy Love." At the time, it told the story of a puppy befriending a Clydesdale horse. This year's Super Bowl ad includes a similar narrative. Again, it stars a Clydesdale horse and a dog, a (full-grown) retriever.

The message behind the ad is that "that everyone can come together and feel pride that as Americans, we always bounce back," Daniel Blake, Budweiser's vice president of marketing explained. The central character of a Clydesdale horse was chosen because they are seen as "a symbol of America ... of hope, of strength, of resilience.""

Quelle: inside(dot)beer
Photo: Anheuser Busch at Youtube "A Clydesdale's Journey"

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