The biggest Brewery Groups in the world

The biggest Brewery Groups in the world

World's beer production in 2019 reached a total of 1,913 million hectolitres. Compared to 2018, a slight increase (0.5 percent) was recorded. Significant is the fact that only 40 brewing groups produce 90 percent of all beer. Within these groups, production even increased by 0.8 percent.

This is one of the first results from the BarthHaas Report Hops 2019/2020; it will probably be published at the beginning of October. Acquisition and merger activities in 2019 again concentrated mainly on the craft brewer segment.

Who are the big ones?

1 AB Inbev, BEL, continues to top the list. The group's market share is 29.3 percent. Almost every third beer consumed in the world therefore comes from one of the AB Inbev breweries.
2 Heineken, NED, follows with 12.6 percent.
3 China Res. Snow Breweries, CHN (6%)
4 Carlsberg, DEN (5.9%)
5 Molson Coors, USA (4.8%)
6 Tsingtao Brewery Group, CHN (4.2%)
7 Asahi, JPN (3.0%)
8 Yanjing, CHN (2%)
9 BGI / Groupe Castel, FRA (1,9%)
10 Efes Group, TUR (1,9%)

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