The return of the Utopia by Samuel Adams

The return of the Utopia by Samuel Adams

The return of Utopia by Samuel Adams
The beer that has beer rendered illegal in 15 states is back and as bold as ever.

The popular Utopia, brewed by Samual adams has returned for its bi-yearly renewal. This exceptional concept beer famous for its incredibly deep and complex flavour profile as well as its whopping alcohol content is back. Coming in with a 28% ABV, it is a relatively seperate concept from what most would think of as a  traditional beer. But with the utopia comes a beautifully diverse flavour that is derived from being aged in multiple diffrent types of beer barrels. 

With the 2023 edition it consisted of charred american bourbon barrels, portugese and french port and cognac barrels, peated scotch whiskey barrels and specialty wine barrels from western France. After this long process of aging, re-barrelling, aging and so on, the beer is blended with previous blends of Utopia beers.

This unique beer is however uncarbonated, therefor one opened it does not spoil like other beers, making its physical and flavour characteristics  more akin to cognac or port.
As it is only available once every two years do not miss out on this truly exceptional experience. As it is a specialty beer it will only be available at select retailers, should you wish to get your hands on it, you can simply find the outlet nearest to you on the Sameul Adams website.

Should you like to read more you can click here for a more in depth atricle by USA Today on this fascinating beer.

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