The Top 50 U.S. Craft Brewing Companies

The Top 50 U.S. Craft Brewing Companies

The Brewers Association (BA)—the trade association representing small and independent  American craft brewers—released its annual of the top producing craft brewing companies in the U.S., based on beer sales volume. This are the top 20:

  1. D. G. Yuengling & Son
  2. Boston Beer Co, Boston
  3. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co
  4. Duvel Moortgat
  5. Gambrinus
  6. Artisanal Brewing Ventures
  7. Stone Brewing Co
  8. CANarchy
  9. Tilray Beer Brands
  10. Brooklyn Brewery
  11. Deschutes Brewery
  12. New Glarus Brewing Co
  13. Athletic Brewing Co
  14. Matt Brewing Co
  15. Minhas Craft Brewery
  16. Harpoon BreweryA
  17. Gordon Biersch Brewing Co
  18. Great Lakes Brewing Co
  19. Stevens Point Brewery,
  20. Allagash Brewing Co

And here's the list with the top 10 overall U.S. brewing companies

  1. Anheuser-Busch Inc 
  2. MolsonCoors 
  3. Constellation
  4. Heineken USA 
  5. Pabst Brewing Co 
  6. Diageo 
  7. D. G. Yuengling and Son
  9. Boston Beer Co
  10. Kirin Lion/New Begium Brewing 

More information. Brewers Association

Photo: © Brewers Association

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