Trappist Achel sold

Trappist Achel sold

When the last monks left the monastery in Hamont-Achel exactly two years ago and moved to Westmalle, the beers of De Achelse-Kluis lost the coveted Trappist seal. One of the basic requirements for obtaining the ATP label was no longer given: The beers must be brewed under the eyes of a trappist monk.

Because De Achelse-Kluis belonged to Westmalle Abbey, the beer could be marketed as Trappist beer even without the seal. This will now change, because the abbey has been sold to the Belgian entrepreneur Jan Tormans, so it is no longer in Trappist hands.

According to Inside(dot)Beer, he wants to transform the abbey, which is a protected heritage site, into a contemplation centre with a guest house. All existing commercial activities will continue, according to the article. The brewery will also be retained and continue to operate. The current annual production of 5,000 hectolitres is to increase to 12,000, and even 40,000 hectolitres are planned by 2030. It won't be Trappist beer any more, "Recognised Belgian Abbey Beer also sounds good," Tormans is sure. 

Source: Inside(dot)Beer
Photo: Screenshot Website De Achelse-Kluis

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