BeerAdvocate and Untappd will in future work together under the umbrella of Next Glass. Next Class is the company that developed the Untappd application. BeerAdvocate will, it is claimed, retain its independent brand identity and continue as its own community, website and event series.

In 1996 the two brothers Todd and Jason Alström founded BeerAdvocate, the first market-relevant rating platform for beer in the USA. This was followed in 2000 by RateBeer, the second and for a long time the most popular platform. In 2010, Untappd was released and finally, in 2016, the BeerTasting.Club app followed, first for the German-speaking countries, in the meantime it is international. RateBeer hit the headlines in June 2017 when it became known that AB InBev had bought shares in the platform. Neutrality was quickly discussed and several American craftbeer brewers immediately demanded the deletion of their beers. In 2019 RateBeer became 100 percent part of the world's largest beer company and has since been avoided by users worldwide.

“I'm confident that this is the best path for all of us. Next Glass is committed to not only helping BeerAdvocate, but passionate about protecting and cultivating our unique culture, identity, and community," said Todd Alström, Founder of BeerAdvocate. "I'm excited for the future and look forward to working with my new coworkers in taking BeerAdvocate to the next level."

Source: untappd(dot)com

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